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Tradewinds Fire Pit

Designed specifically for a high-winds area, this custom propane fire pit was destined for greatness.  

Chuck Krallman Chuck Krallman

It took some fancy engineering footwork to keep the flame from being extinguished.  Here you can see the prototype concept in action with both a cardboard cut-out and wood frame.

Chuck Krallman Chuck Krallman

Here at last we have the actual glass encasing, and approaching completion, we just need to test how well it will do with some real life winds... 

Chuck Krallman
Perhaps not as powerful as Mother Nature herself, but we blasted the fire pit with this industrial fan.  And success!  

Chuck Krallman Chuck Krallman

Crated and shipped we finally received the photos from our client a few weeks later.  Here is the propane fire pit finally installed perhaps in one of the most scenic spots, the beautiful Virgin Islands.  Check out the cool under-lighting Chuck placed beneath the fire pit. 

Chuck Krallman Chuck Krallman

Have a great backyard too?  Call us with your special custom project (909) 989-6129.

Chuck Krallman Chuck Krallman 909 989 6129

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