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Fire Tables/ Dave Sutton

Here we are showing the work of a new vendor of ours, Dave Sutton of Big Bear California.

We will be featuring several more pictures as Dave sends then to us to share with you. Dave has been manufactures these table for quite some time now and there is nothing he can't build!

These tables have many options including a card table cover. These tables can be purchased with frame only and you finish or how ever you would like to have it built. These tables can be built in any size, shape or material. Finished or unfinished ready for you to finish yourself. For propane or natural gas.

Here are a few pictures and we will explain as we move forward.

Below is one of his unfinished frames. Ready for what ever you desire!

Dave Sutton 12

When your not using the fire pit, you can play ?????

Dave Sutton 11

There is a propane tank under the table base. These can also be outfitted for natural gas as well.

Dave Sutton 13

Below there is also a simple sand pan burner.

Dave Sutton 10

Dave Sutton 9

Dave Sutton 8

Below the base can be made with an outer skin of left open. Which ever you prefer.

Dave Sutton 7

The glass that was used is our Ice Cubes. There is a brandy warmer at the edge as well.

Dave Sutton 6

Below you can see a wind deflector installed.

Dave Sutton 5

Dave Sutton 4

Ice Cubes again!

Dave Sutton 3

Dave Sutton 2

Dave Sutton 1

We will be posting pictures as soon as we have them available. These tables start at $550.00 unfinished and upwards to $1500.00, depending on the material you desire. Please tell us your budget and we will build you something interesting!.....

"CLICK HERE" or on the pictures below to see what John Lehman did and how he built this table!
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9467 9th street Unit D

Rancho Cucamonga, California 91730

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