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All of the links below will take you to tens of thousands of Fireplace and Fire Pit Pictures with FireGlass, Fire Balls, Aquatic Glassel and many other types of installations. You will then understand why we are not like any other company out there. We are creative, innovative, motivated and dedicated to serve the customers imaginations. We build and design for you in mind. We are a full fabrication facility where no job is to simple or to complex. We have been setting the trend for the the industry to follow. Their just having a hard time keeping up!



Fireplace, Fire Pit Pictures,

Self Installation #1

Fire Pit Installation

Interesting and Cool Fireplaces

More Fireplace Pictures

Fireplace Surrounds

Even More Fireplace, Fire Pit Pictures,

Pans, Burners and Baskets

Fire Tables and Pits

Fire Pits and Fire Tables

HGTV Fireplace

Even More Fireplace and Fire Pit Pictures,

Unique Fireplaces

Fire Pit Pictures

Fire Balls, Fire Shapes, Fire Stones

Direct Vent Fireplace Installation

Before and After Pictures

Still More Fireplace Pictures

As Seen on Page Fireplace and Fire Pit Pictures

Remotes, Surrounds and Fireplaces

designED our very own designs!

More Ice, Ice, Ice Pictures

Showroom Pictures!


Cool Flames

Custom Tables and Projects!

Awesome Homes and Fireplaces

Metal Page

Vortex Fires

Still More Fireplace Pictures

Fire and Water Features

Fire Pits and Remote Controls

Black Magic Sand Page

HGTV Kenneth Brown Fireplace

HGTV Fireplace


Fireplace Pictures, Fire Pit Pictures

Fire Glass, FireGlass Products

Toppings Glass

Toppers Glass

Another Picture Page!

Wine Barrel Fire Pit

Don't Sweat It HGTV Fireplace

Fire Tables

More Self Installations of Fireplaces and Fire Pits

More Fireplace and Fire Pit Pictures

Places of Interest!

Let's Build It Together!

More Fireplace, Fire Pit and Fire Table Pictures

Fireplace Pipe Burners

More Fire Pits and Fire Tables

How To Build a Propane Fire Pit

Build a Fire Pit

Moderustic Metal Furniture

Sterling Silver Fireplaces

Sand and Fillers

New Dealer/ Show Trailer

Custom Fire Tables

Burners Rings and Things

Even More Fireplace and Fire Pit Pictures

How To Install A Fireplace Burner

Fire Pit Building Document, How To

Custom Fireplaces

Fire Bowls

Modernize your Fireplace

Ribbon Burners Fireplaces

More Fireplace and Fire Pit Pictures

Fire Falls Water Feature

Self Installation Fireplaces

Spun Aluminum Bowls For Fire Pits

Fire and Water Tables with a Spin!

DIY Network/ HGTV Projects

Portable RV Propane Fire Pits

Self Installation Made Easy

What Is An Insert?

Electronic Ignitions Fireplaces and Fire Pits

Portable Fire Pits and Tables

Ventless Burners for Fireplaces

Fire Balls, Fire Stones and Fire Shapes

Samples and How to get them

F. A. Q's and Need to Know!

Self Installation for Fireplaces

Fire Pit Installation

How Much Do i Need

Fireplace Paint Page

Dealer Inquiries

Shop On Line!

What Makes Our Glass Different/ Special?

Ice, Ice Ice Toppers

Fireplace Surrounds

New Products!

How NOT To Do It!


Propane Burners

Before and After Pictures

Where Do I Start?


Ice Cubes

Cool Flames

Why We Are A Green Fuel Source


There are many, many more pages and we will post these in the very near future. 909 989 6129

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