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Even More Fireplace Pictures

Click below on the PICTURE to see the Cheryl Ward Surround!

Cheryl Ward Fireplace Surround

These next photos come to us care of Guy Philemon.  We helped him convert his wood-burning fire pit to safely burn FireGlass with propane gas.   Through emails and phone conversations we were able to successfully complete the conversion process remotely. 

Guy Philemon Guy Philemon
Guy Philemon Guy Philemon

Guy purchased a 12" double stainless steel propane burner ring and some Starfire Base Glass FireGlass.

Guy Philemon Guy Philemon

Here's what Guy had to say, "I really appreciate your website and all the things you created."  

Guy Philemon

The table below is in Chicago

azurlite 1azurlite 2

azurlite 3azurlite 4

The fireplace below started out a little bland and with a little metal work, nice.

Starfire Base Glass and Red Topping.

sred 1sred 2

sred 3sred 4

The fire pit below has Clear Base Glass, Starfire Base Glass, Amber Topping, Amber Topper and Dark Red Orange Topper.

florida 1florida 3

florida 4florida 5

florida 6

The fireplace below has an aluminum surround and Starfire Base Glass in Palm Springs.

ps 1ps 2

ps 3ps 4


The pictures below are from the Lure Lounge at the Wynn in Las Vegas. This was done for Steve Wynn with all Gold Base Glass. This was taken without the flame on and when we return we will have pictures of the fire pit lite up

lure 2

lure 3lure 4

The fire pit below has Clear Base Glass with our very own ICE ICE ICE Topper!

kitty 1kitty 2kitty 7

kitty 4kitty 8kitty 12

The fireplace below was hand made by one very creative customer, great job! It has a Starfire Base Glass and Clear Pyrite Base Glass added to the surface for a little sparkle.

fire 1fire 2

fire 3fire 12

The pictures below we will be showing how to do a 3" install (all glass), a surround painted black and a triple burner with Ice Ice Ice Topper and Starfire Base Glass.

la 1

Above and below are a typical of what most fireplaces look like (yuk)1

la 2

la 3

Above and below with a triple burner, some cleaning and a little bit of paint.

la 4

la 5

la 6

Above and below we installed an aluminum surround painted black. Only Starfire Base Glass is installed for now.

la 7

la 8

la 9

It's hard to see but we did install Ice on top of the Starfire Base Glass. If you noticed we had to pile a small mound in the front to cover the massive pipe connection. Did you even notice it in the first few pictures?

la 10

With the surround it make the room. We are proud of our inventions and ideas because our customers are always pleased.

la 11

The pictures below are of a 2" install with Starfire Base Glass and black paint and this install took only 30 minutes.

Be sure to clean the fireplace before painting.

mv 1

install the burner and test the flame pattern.

mv 2

mv 3

test the flame on high and low to insure the flame goes straight up and does not hit the walls.

mv 4

after masking and painting we turned the flame on low to heat the paint to dry it quicker.

mv 5

mv 6

Turn the light down low to see the flame pattern as you will have the light down low with your evening fire. The pipe burners can be adjusted to the desired effect.

mv 7

mv 8

Above the lava rock goes in and then we test the flame pattern once again.

mv 9

mv 10

Above the sand goes over the lava rock and we once again test the flame pattern.

mv 11

mv 12

mv 13

Pour the glass on and you're done.

mv 14

We have been told by dozens of customers that you will need an installation by a tech. As you can see how easy this actually is, they just want your money more than you do. Again this was a 30 minute install.

mv 15

The 2 pictures below have Bronze Base Glass, Bronze Reflective Base Glass, Black Base Glass, Black Reflective Base Glass and Pale Cobalt Blue Topper.

bob 1

bob 2

bloom 1

The fire pit above and below have Gray Base Glass, Gray Reflective Base Glass, Ice Ice Ice Topper and Red Topper.

bloom 2

The fire pit below had Clear Base Glass and one really cool flame effect!

This is in Etiwanda California (Black Magic!)

eti 1

eti 2

eti 3

Here is a fireplace before and after with Clear Base Glass and a splash of Ice Ice Ice Topper

todd beforetodd after

The fireplace below has Clear Base Glass installed and had a double burner which was converted to a triple for more flame effect.

mehran 1mehran 2

mehran 3mehran 4

mehran 5mehran 6

The stainless steel tray below has Azurlite Base Glass in the tray. A very clean and simple look.

marble fireplace tray

The fireplace below has a larger surround and Starfire Base Glass installed. Please note the this surround is the metal shell only without the inner frosted glass.



The fireplace below has Black Base Glass and Black Reflective Base Glass installed


The fire pit below has Ford Blue Base Glass, Ford Blue Reflective Base Glass, V Blue Base Glass, V Blue Reflective Base Glass, Turquoise Toppings, Deep Royal Toppings and Copper Blue Topper on a bed of 1/4" Starfire Base Glass and 1/2" Starfire Base Glass

fire pit 1fire pit 2

The fireplace below has Clear Base Glass installed

ep 1

The fireplace below has a Starfire Base Glass with Red Toppings, Red Toppers, Scarlet Red Toppers and Ice Ice Ice Toppers

john 1

john 2

john 3

The pictures below are of a Starfire Base Glass with Black Reflective Base Glass on top.

john 4

john 5

The fireplace below has Ford Blue Base Glass and Ford Blue Reflective Base Glass installed

fblue 4

fblue 5

fblue 6

fblue 7

fblue 8

The fireplace below has 1/2" Chunky Clear Base Glass with a little bit of Ice Ice Ice Topping topping it off installed and a simple self install. This is a remote control and it is located on the bottom right.

ps 1

ps 2

ps 3

ps 4

ps 5

ps 6

ps 7

The fireplace below is a direct vent installation with Gray Base Glass, Gray Reflective Base Glass and Clear Pyrite Base Glass installed

Has anyone ever said "Nice Logs"? I don't think so. We are going to show you how to transform your direct vent fireplace into a real attractive fireplace.

west 1

west 2

The key is not to change the amount of gas going into the fireplace, so don't change the regulator.

west 3

The thermocouple (heat detector) will be raised to the surface to insure it will still work.

west 4

west 5

Drop in a new burner or use the one that was installed with your fireplace and you're done.

west 6

west 7

west 8


FP 1FP 2

FP 3FP 4

FP 5FP 6

The 4 pictures below are all Clear Base Glass, starting out as typical, nasty!

clear 1

clear 2

clear 3

The 6 pictures below show a self install with all glass using the original burner which didn't have a bad flame pattern. 1/8" Clear Base Glass was used as a base and then Starfire Base Glass was added to the surface saving money and it did look great. It's a simple as that.

dan 1

dan 2

dan 3

dan 4

dan 5

dan 6

This is in Yorba Linda California with a stainless steel surround and Clear Base Glass.


The fireplace below has a base of starfire and topped with dark red orange

mo 1

mo 3

mo 4

The 3 pictures below have bronze, bronze reflective, gray and gray reflactive with the outside of the fireplace painted medium brown with fireplace paint.

dyan 3

dyan 1

dyan 2

The 2 fireplaces below are the same fireplace! This fireplace started out with a brick face and Clear Base Glass

carl 1

After a little black granite and some Clear Ice Ice Ice Topper, we have a very nice fireplace!

This fireplace belongs to Carl Herkes

carl 2

The fireplace below has a Clear Base Glass with Bronze Base Glass on top

clear bronze 1

clear bronze 2

The fireplace below has Evergreen Base Glass, Evergreen Reflective Base Glass and topped with Ice Ice Ice Topper.

Before and after, big difference?

mo 1

mo 2

The fire pit/ fire table has Ford Blue Base Glass and Ford Blue Reflective Base Glass in the center.

This is a 4 piece glass surrounding a fie pit.


The 6 fireplace pictures below have Starfire Base Glass, Amber Base Glass and a surround. This is in Texas and is a customer install. Very nice Rodney.

rodney 1

rodney 2

rodney 3

rodney 4

rodney 5

rodney 6

The 6 pictures are of Green Base Glass, Green Reflective Base Glass, a 2" install with lava rock filler and is a self install

vivian 1

vivian 2

vivian 3

vivian 4

vivian 5

vivian 6

The pit below has Gray Base Glass and Gray Reflective Base Glass

pit 1

pit 2

The fireplace below Red Topping over a Clear Base Glass

1 fireplace

2 fireplace

john 6

The tables below were made for the Marriott in Boise Idaho
Marriott Hotel Boise Idaho
marriot 1
This is a proto type fire table that when finished will be wrapped in wire and finished in smooth high heat concrete mix with a 48" fire bowl in the middle. There will be a 6" brushed metal finished edge to cover under table lights. The table is 60" wide and 24" tall. These will be delivered to Boise Idaho, Marriott Corp. We will post finished pictures as soon as we can.
marriot 3
A brushed finish 8" edge was added along with a touch sensor to turn the lights on under the table. It is a 3 position sensor (high, medium and low).
Now the high heat concrete is applied and shaped.
As it turns out there is a 36" triple ring under the lava rock and we are down sizing it to a 24" double ring. As you can see when the wind blows the fire get a little bit close to the edge.
If you had a drink near the edge it would be a little bit warmer now. The sides will be dropped about 3 inches and the center raised about 3" and a 24" ring will finish it off. We will post the pictures of the glass and ICE ICE ICE Topper when it is installed in a few days.
Here are the finished table pictures
We use Clear Base Glass with lots of our ICE ICE ICE Topper!

The propane conversion was here in Southern California. Crista brought the bowl and we did the rest.

crista 5crista 6

Crista brought the top pan and lid and we installed a propane burner We installed one of our FPPK kits (fire pit propane kit)

crista 2crista 3

crista 1cb 7

This is the table Crista built to hold the copper pan/ bowl

cb 1cb 2



Click HERE or on the picture below to see how this was installed and what we used!

Palm Desert Fireplace with Sterling Silver Panels

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