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Customer Links.

This page will be for our commercial customers who send us links to their websites and information they would like to share.
The first link is the Hankey Brothers website:
Vortex Fire Pit!
Check out the video of the fire pit we built located on the bottom right of the home page!
It's a combination of the pan, burner, back wall and ??? that creates the Vortex Fire!
Another cool link is their award for winning the green home award on:
Except for the reporter referring to our glass as broken windshield glass (get your facts right lady!) It is a pretty good article.
When this page opens you need to click the play bottom on the video on the bottom right of the page.
The fireplace below is in Santa Monica California. The fireplace is a Malm Fireplace which can be found at:
We used an 18" double stainless steel burner and a bed of Starfire Base Glass topped with a few pounds of our Ice Ice Ice Topper.
This is a very simple self installation as you will see.

The fire pit/ table is at the Roxbury Hotel and we will show you the progress here from beginning to end. This was a propane installation with our FPPK burner. The colors used were:
roxbury 4roxbury 5
Above shows the framing and the gas line coming in.
Below shows the pipe coming out of the floor and the thermo-coupler on the glass next to the igniter
roxbury 6roxbury 8
roxbury 7
roxbury 7a
roxbury 2roxbury 1
roxbury 3
Roxbury Motel 1
Roxbury Motel 2
Roxbury Motel 3
Roxbury Motel 4
Roxbury Hotel, a cool fire pit!

The Fire Pits/ Tables below are in Las Vegas Nevada. We built the stainless steel pans and corrals to protect the lighting on the outer edges of the pan. The glass that was used was:

V Blue Base Glass and V Blue Reflective Base Glass,

Ford Blue Base Glass and Ford Blue Reflective Base Glass. The installation was done by Silver State Fireplaces of Las Vegas.

This is at the Cadillac Ranch on the strip.

Cadillac Ranch 5

Cadillac Ranch 4

Cadillac Ranch 3

When these were installed we didn't have any gas to light the fire So if we get back we will take pictures.



Dave Stukas
If your looking for a great Realtor in Palm Springs, You need to contact Dave!

The next two fireplaces were installed by Joe Socco in Las Vegas, J S Interiors Gouup.

It was featured at The Jenson Group Realty online article. The two fireplaces both had Starfire Base Glass installed.

Here is the home and fireplaces:

Joe Socco Las Vegas

Joe Socco Las Vegas

Joe Socco Las Vegas

Joe Socco Las Vegas

Joseph Sacco
P: 312-404-4665
ASID, NCIDQ #023899 909 989 6129

9467 9th street Unit D

Rancho Cucamonga, California 91730

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