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Fire and Water Features-

Remember ALL Custom Projects require more than your verbal description.  

As we are dealing with one of  a kinds and safety you MUST provide sketches, pictures, drawings, etc - anything other than your oral description.  We reserve the right to refuse service if you do not provide our request for visual details. 

Please begin by E-mailing your information to

For those who need support - please send a detailed explanation of your issues accompanied with high resolution digital photos to

NOTE* Support is ONLY given to those who provide digital photos.   

Todd Gilbert's Fire & Water Fountain

These next few pictures speak for them selves. We will identify all the pictures as soon as we can. In the mean time, enjoy one of our newer product lines. This table is and has:

  • Stainless Steel construction
  • Fiber Optics, 4 color (300 fibers installed in this one)
  • Spinning Water
  • Dripping Water
  • Squirting Water
  • This unit burns on Propane, (Natural Gas available)
  • Rope Lighting (incandescent)
  • Lowers to 19"
  • Raises to 42"
  • Will be wrapped with granite on the lower portion
  • Wrapped with Black Aluminum Panels on the upper portion (raising upper half)
  • and of course a choice of over 500 different types of glass!
  • Manual Hydraulic (electric an option)

So here is how and what we did. Please let us know your thoughts.

Adding some food coloring for further WOW factor.

We consulted with Brett Parks from Indiana on his backyard fire pit.  The first picture on the left is his original concept drawing.  The following picture is his layout with pavers, electrical and gas line coming up.

Parks 11 Parks 1

The water tank was 6" deep.

Parks 2 Parks 3
We then built a custom shape stainless steel burner to fit his idea.  Stack a few more pavers.   Let's test it! 

 Parks 4 Parks 5
A custom size and configuration ring was fabricated.  
Parks 6 Parks 7

The glass he used was:

Parks 9 Parks 10

And Done!  

Parks 8


"CLICK HERE" to see how it was made or "CLICK on the PICTURE" below

Fire Water Bowl

The fire feature was commissioned by Mark and Jair in Long Beach California. The very top bowl was filled with Ford Blue Fire Glass and the bowl below has 300 fibers installed. The fiber optics changes colors of can be stationary or change colors at will. The water in the fiber optics bowl spins and spills over onto the rock base.

We will explain as we move forward. Evening pictures with the fiber optics in motion and the under lighting will be shown as soon as we can visit the site in Long Beach in the evening.

Mark Long Beach 1 Mark Long Beach 2

First the utilities were ran underground (18") and this is generally permit required work.  Second, the pond liner is installed and then we drop in our feature. This feature was powder coated at the request of the customer.

Mark Long Beach 3 Mark Long Beach 4

Below is the NEMA enclosure to house the electronics and fiber optics.

Mark Long Beach 5 Mark Long Beach 6

We installed 3 = 2,700 GPH (gallon per hour) pumps to power the flow of water. We turned each pump down to accommodate the proper water flow. Level the top fountain.

Mark Long Beach 7 Mark Long Beach 9

Above you see the NEMA box exposed, it will be covered with stone as soon as the electrician finishes his switch installations. There will be one switch for each of the 3 pumps, fiber optics, fiber optics color wheel and under the top bowl we installed lighting to illuminate the rock below in the the evening.

Mark Long Beach 11 Mark Long Beach 12

Above and below the electrical panel will be completely covered.

Mark Long Beach 17

The next few pictures are of a simple water fire bubbler. These can be built for propane or natural gas.You can add as many features as you like or want.

Gas Water Bubbler Gas Water Bubbler
Gas Water Bubbler Gas Water Bubbler
Gas Water Bubbler Gas Water Bubbler

Gas Water Bubbler

The Fire and Water feature was installed by Michael Anthony of Chicago working in conjunction and for Ahmed Hassan of Yard Crashers. We designed and built the under water fire feature you are about to see. This is a gas dome design as you will see. Besides the gas dome there was installed: 

  • A water pump to spin the water, (we used an 8 copper finger design to spin the water), 
  • underwater lighting (there are several variations that can be installed), 
  • Very simply colored water for that mood effect, 
  • Obviously gas for that fire effect (we can build these in natural gas or propane), 
Chicago Yard Crashers 46 Chicago Yard Crashers 45

First you need to plan on what features you would like then prep the bowl. 
Water, lights, fire, stone or glass base, spinning water, spitting water, colored water, auto fill, drain, fiber optics, etc, etc, etc, 
The Sugar Kettle was supplied by: in Chicago. 

Here is the gas dome fire feature with the gas controls in the edge of the bowl. This can be installed where ever you like. For this show they opted for the simple installation and hang it in the fire feature in the water.   Below they are now installing the bowl into the base.  

Chicago Yard Crashers 37 Chicago Yard Crashers 14

Below Ahmed oversees the flame/ gas adjusting to equalize the flame pattern. Not to worry, the flames are only on the top. I adjust with the bubble pattern and then light to visually check. These guys had so much fun they didn't give it much thought about where they were sticking their hands. 

Let's see if we can get Ahmed to put his hands in here too!  

Chicago Yard Crashers 42 Chicago Yard Crashers 28

Below is the finished fire pit.   Below is Mark Anthony and Ahmed Hassan, I was there only in spirit and phone support.  

Chicago Yard Crashers 26 Chicago Yard Crashers 18

Chicago Yard Crashers 17 Chicago Yard Crashers 24

Chicago Yard Crashers 23

Fire on water burning in this fire feature. 
Yard Crashers Chicago 2010 
We will post the videos of the show as it airs on HGTV/ DIY Network
We will post more construction pictures as soon as they are made available to us.

The next fire and water feature is one of our newer designs. The base bowl is a 24" spun aluminum bowl and the fire bowl is a 16" spun aluminum bowl. We will show you how it is made and tested.

Fire and Water Sprayer Fire and Water Sprayer


Fire and Water Sprayer Fire and Water Sprayer

Fire and Water Sprayer Fire and Water Sprayer
Fire and Water Sprayer Fire and Water Sprayer
Fire and Water Sprayer Fire and Water Sprayer
Fire and Water Sprayer Fire and Water Sprayer

The next fireplace was installed by Brent Freeby of

The Video is located HERE or:

This is a Black Magic Fireplace in action! Thanks Brent! 

The fire pit below is the start of another fire pit that will have water squirting into fire with fireglass.  This particular water/fire feature is being set up on propane but can also be desginED to work with natural gas.


Bulgaria Fire and Water Feature!

Bulgaria Fire and Water Feature


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Brian Johnson Fire and Water Feature David Table 4

The fire pit below is going to be installed in Sacramento on 11 14 09 for the Yard Crashers/ DIY/ HGTV show. After it is and has been installed we will post pictures on the Yard Crashers page. In the mean time here is the how to and why. We can build any size, shape, design feature you desire. We build to your imagination.

Below is the catch basin to hold the water for the feature



Above you see the auto fill?

Below the water pump is now install below.


Below the top pan is in place for testing with the fire and water bowls in place



Below the stainless steel ring is installed.


Below the glass (Bronze Base Glass) has been installed and the lights turned on.


Below you can see the pump has been turned on.


and now the fire.


We placed a card board template to replicate the table top to conceal the lights as well.


Now we add color to the water!



Here is the feature exposed with the blue water. You can change the water to any color you like.



This feature is only 6 1/2" tall. You can mount this under the table top and keep it only an inch or so above the surface of the table top.


So let's change it to red water and add Starfire Base Glass.






Remember, we build to your imagination!


The finished pictures will be posted on the Yard Crashers page when this project is installed after 11 14 09!


"CLICK HERE to see the "Yard Crashers" Sacramento show!" See this feature finished here!

The next fire table was built by Brian Johnson of Omaha Nebraska, very nice! We supplied the components and Brian did the hard part, the table.
Brian Johnson Fire and Water Feature
We don't have the construction pictures but we do have the table finished. Add Bronze Base Glass and to pit with 1 lb of Ice Ice Ice Topper, you are done.
Brian Johnson Fire and Water Feature
Brian Johnson Fire and Water Feature
The blue is actually food coloring.
Brian Johnson Fire and Water Feature

Brian Johnson Fire and Water Feature


Click HERE to see how it was made, allong with Videos or on the pictures below:

Crandresh Fire and Water Feature

Crandresh Fire and Water Feature

Crandresh Fire and Water Feature

Dominick's Fire & Water Fountain (click here)

Fire Water Feature

Fire Water Feature 909 989 6129

9467 9th street Unit D

Rancho Cucamonga, California 91730

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