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More Fireplace Pictures-

Here is our newest creations and there are 82 more products for now there are over 170 products to choose from! These will make their first appearance in the Ontario, California Show in March. Take a look and let us know what you think. This is a new venture in making more fire rated glass for the fireplaces we help create. We have many more color and shapes coming in the very near future.

color 1

color 2

color 3

color 4

color 5

color 6

color 7



Click HERE or on the picture below to see how this was installed and what we used!

Palm Desert Fireplace with Sterling Silver Panels



The Kathy Griffn Project at Christmas time

kathy 1

kathy 2

kathy 3

Living room twin fireplaces with brushed stainless steel

kathy 4

kathy 5

Master bedroom fireplace

kathy 6

kathy 9

Behind the scenes Entertainment Tonight "ET"

kathy 10

kathy 11

kathy 12

Kathy and every one loves Raymond!

Ray Romano

kathy 13

Marines wwere on hand for the "Toys For Tots"

kathy 15

kathy 17

Andy Dick and friend


Here are some pictures of 1/4" Ford Blue with Reflective on top.

This is also a self installation so follow the pictures down to see how it turned out.



this is how it looked when we arrived


installed burner and test the draft of the flame



pour lava rock and pull burner to the top




Ford Blue with Ford Blue Reflective








Again, this is how easy it really is,

burner hooked up


test the burner for flame pattern



cover the burner with sand over the lava rock


pour the glass and your done

this was done with bronze reflective and starfire on top


same fireplace with no flash at night



This is how most fireplaces start below


the magic of paint and marble, looks good.


This customer glued sterling silver to the back walls for more sparkle. We provided the glue and sterling silver glass.




looks good, great job and very creative.


Fireplace on Redhill, Andre Silva, just a nice fire, no pan.

Andre Silva


This is the same fireplace as above, but we changed it to Starfire and
added an aluminum frame with a special glass.


Again the same fireplace by evening.


By late evening with the glow of the new glass.

rajni 1

The fireplace above is a nice fireplace with starfire and below we added a new frame

rajni 2

rajni 3

brz ref

Bronze reflective above

bronze before

This is a typical fireplace before and below is our after

bronze after

clear 1

Above, this is how most fireplaces start

Below is a clear base with a double burner

clear 2

clear 3

clear 4

clear and b ref 1

Again this is how most fireplaces look after you remove the doors and or screens

and below is a clear base with blue over the top

clear and b ref 2

clear and b ref 3

clear and b ref 4

The four pictures below are black with black reflective on the surface

black ref 1

black ref 2

black ref 3

black ref 4

We are now starting a page for some of our television promotions we have sponsored this season.

The first is:

Zen-Inspired Master Bedroom

Here are a few pictures and the rest can be seen on the link above.

This fireplace has:

1/4 clear, 1/4 starfire, 1/2 clear, 1/2 starfire, amber topping and topper, red topping and topper and pale orange topper

hgtv 1hgtv 2

We will be posting several television spots as soon as we have the time.

  This fireplace contained 1 piece of each color of topper on a bed of starfire


This is a new home with logs and a screen, average at best. Has anyone ever come over to your house and said" Nice Logs"? No and we are going to show you how to create a masterpiece!

ed 1ed 2

ed 3ed 4

The pictures below are of a typical direct vent burner.

ed 5ed 6

This is a picture of the automatic starter and thermo coupler

ed 7ed 8

ed 9ed 10

After you have closed off the bottom of the fireplace and attached the adapter, your ready for glass!

ed 11


Here we are testing the burn pattern of the double burners. Our burners have 2 rows of holes in each pipe to give you 4 rows of flames.

ed 12ed 13

ed 14ed 15

ed 16


After pouring the glass make sure the automatic starter is just above the glass so it can work properly. You can hide it with glass all around the element and it helps if it is in a hole.

ed 17ed 18

ed 19ed 20

ed 21ed 22

Here we installed an aluminum surround that has been painted black.

ed 23ed 24

ed 25ed 26

ed 27ed 28

ed 29

We have several more pictures of this fireplace with Ice and a few colors of toppers installed and we will have these pictures up in a few days.


The pan shown here was designed by Win, one of our orange county customers. We will start with his initial drawings and how we assisted in modifications to make is just what he wanted.

We will expalin as we go.

Win Wuttke

Win Wuttke

Win Wuttke

Win Wuttke

This is how most creative concepts begin, yes we help.

Win Wuttke

Here is the original fireplace, boring!

Win Wuttke

Win Wuttke

Win started with a make shift cardboard mock up, good idea for proportioning.

Win Wuttke

He decided on LED lighting underneath.

Win Wuttke

Here are our shop pictures of the test burn. Win wanted only one linear burner in the center.

Win Wuttke

Win Wuttke

Win Wuttke

Here are the customers pictures as he installed it.

Win Wuttke

Win Wuttke

Win Wuttke

Win Wuttke

Win Wuttke

Win WuttkeWin Wuttke

Win Wuttke

Win Wuttke

Win Wuttke

Win Wuttke

Win Wuttke

Win Wuttke

Win Wuttke

Win Wuttke

Win Wuttke

Above and below are the finished pictures. Clear Base Glass was installed.

Win Wuttke

See our other metal projects on the Metal Page.

See our Fireplace Pans Burners and Baskets Page.

We will also be posting several direct vent fireplaces to show you how easy it really is. 909 989 6129

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