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We Didn't Invent Fire.
 We Invented
 Fireplace Glass

We Make Fire Cool!

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New FireBalls Version 2024

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Our NEW Spiral Vortex' Black Base 20" tall


We are on KICKSTARTER click here to see our Product that we are introducing see videos below

These will be made available in Chrome, Satin Chrome, Gloss Black, Satin Black, Gloss White and Satin White.

We are only offering these in 20" tall clear tubes.

We wil be offering this in 26" and 32" in the near future.

starfire base fireglass for fireplaces   Las Vegas Yard Crashers fireglass fire pit

Fireplace terracotta fire balls for fireplace glass

(909) 989 6129

Let us help you design your project whether it is your fireplace, fire pit of custom fire feature. We can help in any situation.


'FIREPLACE MIRRORS'Be Unique, different, be spectacular.

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See our NEW Exclusive Collection of FireBalls. Unlike FireBalls of the past, our Porcelain coated finish allows you to wipe away soot build up.

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6 inch dark red on Black Fireball 6” Black on Silver


8 silver fireballs Water over Fire 4” Powder Green

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FireBalls (concrete)

Fire Rocks

Our New FireBall Colors Have Arrived!!!

4” Orange on Dark Brown 6

What is it?

It’s a State of the Art PhireSphere.   Designed specifically to recycle propane or natural gas flames in such a way that not only will increase heat output; it will utilize less fuel.  Insulated with a cooling synthetic turf its interior works as a reverse evacuation system.  Using 3-D animation activated laser precision cutting tool, the intake hole atop the sphere is seamless and creates a virtual optical illusion of the sphere being whole.  Pricing starts at around $1,800 for our smaller units.  Order Today!          Just Kidding! read (B)>>>>>
It’s the fireplace vent being reflected of the top of the porcelain coating;)

Pricing starts at around $48 (8").  Order Today!
(But A sounded BETTER, didn't it?!)

Just my sense of humor :-)

VortexED '55' Alcohol Fueled "VortexED" Fires

Portable aluminum fire in glass feature Large portable fire feature in glass swirl flame Lagrge outdoor portable fire in glass feature with swirling fires Vortex Fires outdoor indoor fire feature

Our alcohol based VortexED was specifically developed to be used both indoors or outdoors. VortexED ‘55’ has been naturally aspirated to swirl without the use of any electronics.  Available in various metal and glass types.  Price range from $80 - $300
"CLICK HERE" to see the "VortexED 55" picture page


see videos

Vortex Videos, "CLICK HERE"

Or CLICK "HERE" for Vortex Videos, 7 Pages of Videos

See our Sterling Silver fireplace panels

(imagine mirrored panels/ coated in our fireplace!)

Black Magic Fire!

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Sterling Silver Fireplace Panels

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We Fear No Custom Project!

To initiate a Custom Project we require more than your verbal description.  As we are dealing with one of a kinds and safety - you MUST provide sketches, pictures, drawings, etc.

Please begin by E-mailing your information to

For those who need support - please send a detailed explanation of your issues accompanied with  digital photos to
Chuck Krallman Fireglass Fire Table
Custom oversized fire pit burners with fireglass Custom metal bowls with fireglass

Our FireGlass and custom fire burners have appeared on many Yard Crasher episodes, HGTV with Kenneth Brown and several Famous Fireplaces - some of which we can't even mention!

For those who need support - please send a detailed explanation of your issues accompanied with photos to


The Coolest Recreational Fire - VORTEX

(fire Tornadoes)

David Desai Vortex

Click here to see Dr. David Desai Vortex Project



Fireplace Surrounds

corner fireplace metal surround   Custom aluminum Fireplace Frame surrounds for fireglass fireplaces

Elegant fireplace frame metal surrounds available in various metals

All of our custom fireplace Surrounds are Hand-Made here in America - never machine manufactured.  Made to your specifications our surrounds can be made from Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Copper, etc...
 Alem Surround


What is FireGlass?  And Why Is It So Great?

We are the company who obtained PATENTS for FireGlass

Imitation is the highest form of flattery!

FireGlass (Base-Glass)

Fireplace Fireglass fire crystals   starfire base fireglass for fireplaces and firepits

California Gold base fireglass for fire pits and fireplaces

Our fireplace glass is safe for the environment and to the touch!  Can be used for both indoor or outdoor.   Our 2" method provides the most affordable way to maximize your use of fireplace glass saving you 1/3 the cost.  Want to know how much you need?  Or simply call us (909) 989-6129.

Fire Crystal Toppers

Chunky Fire Crystals for fire pits and fireplaces   fire crystal toppers for fireplace glass

Large Fire Crystals for fireplaces and fire pits

Designed to go on top of your Aquatic Glassel / FireGlass our Crystal Toppers serve like accent pieces - giving you further design options and color for your fireplace or fire pit. Note: Toppers are not intended to be used as Base Glass.  The bulk of your FireGlass should be Aquatic Glassel / FireGlass not Topper or Toppings.

We have several hundred colors, shapes styles using new medias for fire glass for your fireplace or fire pit project

We Make Fire Cool!

Moderustic unique fire features and patented fireglass


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New Product click below!

New FireBalls Version 2024
Moderustic Aquatic Glassel Fireplace Glass Rocks Propane Fireplaces